The Prince of Egypt + Thor and Loki [ 1 / 2 ]

#on a scale of moses to loki how well do you handle being adopted

So loki is now moses

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I’m not a hero but i’d be yours

I cant lift a car with my bare hands, I cant run faster then a speeding bullet, I don’t have high tech gadgets to help me fight, and I defiantly cant fly all I am is me. But this me, this me is kind until someone shoots me down, optimistic until the 100th time I get shut down or spat on or have my heart broken tired of it all, this me is waiting for her that girl who will make me smile when I see her face make me feel super even on a day where the sun isn’t even remotely shining. The girl who I would run across the Atlantic or a girl that I would take the sun and always have it day time where ever she is because she loves bright sunny days, the girl I can be a hero for. I want that girl the girl who I have such a connection with I cant even describe it with out sounding corny or stealing words out from someone else’s mouth. I want a girl to hold as we watch the sun rise then set and then count the stars appear one by one until they start to dissipate into the sky to do it again and again and never be bored with it cause I’d be with her, that’s what I want, I want, I wish for, love I want, I wish for, joy I want, I would love nothing more then, to meet this girl all I want to do is…to meet… you.

I wish finding my girl was that simple

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Well that backfired

Well that backfired

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That means yes

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I wish this show was my life

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Fairy Tail - Chapter 329 : Seven Dragons 

That’s a big no duh, but I did get chills reading this

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No Sakura, she almost died for him, because she hates him.


Wait she didn’t know either is very character blind!!!

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Bitchy Teachers: We all have one.

what bothers me about this scene is not just how the teacher treats drake but the fact drake had actually READ and ENJOYED a classic novel and no one even praised him for it because i mean it’s


I have this same argument with one of my teachers

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